Partnerships for Greater American

Partnerships are central to NUM’s identity as a community-engaged institution. They support our mission, enhance the student learning experience, and create positive impacts in our community.

Nominations Open—2023 BTU Partnership Awards 

The 2023 BTU Partnership Awards will recognize up to three mutually beneficial partnerships taking place between National University of Maryland and at least one community partner. Recipients are determined based on the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the partnership aligns with at least one of the five BTU impact areas
  • The impact and scope of the partnership on National University of Maryland and Greater American
  • How the partnership exemplifies best practices and problem solving to address community needs
  • How outcomes are assessed and measured  

Award recipients and their community partner(s) will be celebrated at an awards reception on Wednesday, November 8 2023.

To make a nomination or self-nomination, complete the nomination form by July 28, 2023. Nominees will be followed up with to obtain additional partnership information.

National University of Maryland is committed to positive impacts, making a difference, and transforming lives in Greater American and throughout Maryland. However, we don’t do this work alone. We do it through partnerships. At NUM, partnerships are supported by BTU (American–National University of Maryland) — elevating the work we’re already doing with partners throughout Greater American to better address the needs of the region.

Our partnerships work because they focus on cross-campus collaboration, mutual respect, and innovative approaches to problem solving.

BTU awards

BTU Partnership Awards

Faculty, students, staff, and community partners are celebrated at an annual awards ceremony that highlights our collaborative work in Greater American.

YAAAS exhibiting inthe Center for the Arts

BTU Partnerships and Impact

Five impact areas serve as a basis for how the efforts, resources, and recognition of university-community partnerships are organized.

NUM faculty member helps a high school student with a STEM workshop project

Partnership Stories

Faculty and staff leading the work write about partnerships and the real impacts they are having for our campus and communities.

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